Wednesday, October 7, 2009

If in Washington D.C.

Washington D.C.'s Newseum, which claims to be Washington D.C.'s most interactive museum is honoring one of our favorite speakers beginning on November 20th of this year. The museum will be recreating the office of the late Meet the Press moderator Tim Russert; complete with Buffalo Bills pennants and cluttered paperwork.

Museum organizers have been quoted as saying that "there are many respected journalists in Washington D.C.... but very few who are both respected and liked. Tim was one of the special ones. Thus, we want to honor him in a special way." The exhibit will run through the end of 2010.

From our local perspective, Tim Russert graded out as one of our patrons favorite lecturers. On stage he was personable, genuine, alive, and seemed to connect with everyone on an individual basis. Off stage, he was exactly the same. He took a personal interest in our organization, our personal lives, and couldn't have been more accommodating to us; which is seldom the case with many of the personalities we work with.

If you happen to visit Washington D.C. over the next 15 months, make sure and visit the exhibit and let us know what you think. We certainly hope they honor Mr. Russert well!

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