Monday, November 24, 2014

Happy Holidays,

As we approach our third speaker of the season, everyone at the Sacramento Speakers Series would like to wish you a fun and safe holiday with your family and friends. Being together during the is what makes us a community. Here's what you can talk about with your family this holiday-
our upcoming engagement with 

 Yo-Yo Ma


As always, we are selling pro-rated packages for the remaining season. The package includes Yo-Yo Ma, Anderson Cooper, Diana Nyad, and David Brooks. The price starts at $140 for all four events. 

Call 916-388-1100 for your seats or browse online here.  

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Alice Waters - September 23, 2014

I wanted to share behind the scene photos of the stage presentation. Our sponsor Nugget Markets did an impressive job creating gardens in recycled pallets. Nugget Markets did a great job in the lobby decorating their sponsor table with information for our patrons. Take a look! 

 Kate Stille of Nugget Markets introduced Alice Waters

Another sponsor, Classique Catering, created organic produce centerpieces as well as the food in our VIP sponsor reception area. It came out beautifully. We had a happy Alice Waters!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Sacramento Speakers Series Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary

Managing Principal Mitchell Ostwald recently sat down with Kitty O'Neal at KFBK to discuss the upcoming season. If you haven't heard it in Sacramento yet, listen to the interview here: Mitchell Ostwald with Kitty O'Neal

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Ina Garten is coming to Sacramento

Tickets are now on sale for Ina Garten Barefoot Contessa. We anticipate a sell out season so join us for our final engagement for an evening of food and fun! Also, keep an eye out for our upcoming commercial on the Food Network channel. Click here to purchase tickets. 

Don't miss out on your chance to grab all the Ina cookbooks you are missing in your collection. Ina Garten will be pre-signing her best selling cookbooks for our patrons to purchase from bookseller sponsor, Barnes and Noble.

Ina will present in a relaxed setting similar to a fireside chat. She will be answering questions submitted by our patrons. If you have a question for Ina send it to or Facebook message us. If we get it ahead of time it is more likely to be asked! Like us on Facebook for upcoming events, news on our speakers, and giveaways from sponsors.


and we hope you are too.

Our thrilling 2014-2015 lineup is in place!

In a fitting tribute to our 10th year, Sacramento Speakers Series announces that BIG NAMES are coming to Sacramento.   

The new season reflects the expressed interests of you, our patrons.  This year’s lineup includes fascinating and influential speakers on a wide range of topical issues: food and health; the intersection of domestic politics and national security; the transformative power of music; an inside glimpse into the perpetual 24/7 news cycle; an athlete’s passion to compete and dream; and a humorous look at the serious topics of our time.

The season kicks off on September 23, 2014 with one of the most influential figures in the food world, culinary pioneer Alice Waters.  Her Berkeley restaurant, Chez Panisse, and her Edible Schoolyard program for teachers and kids embody her philosophy that good cooking must be based on locally produced and sustainable ingredients.  Welcoming her to the Farm-to-Fork capital will be a treat indeed. 

Next, on October 28, 2014 former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, a trusted advisor to eight US presidents over the past four and a half decades, will take us behind the scenes of White House politics and its relationship to national security.  The recent publication of his book DUTY: Memoirs of a Secretary at War has once again stirred the national debate on the role of government and the need for a cohesive national strategy.      

On December 9, 2014, we will present something very special: celebrated cellist Yo-Yo Ma will do more than play for us: he will speak to us!  Mr. Ma is noted for exploring musical forms within and outside the Western classical tradition, and continually searches for new ways to communicate with an audience.  We will be treated to an evening very few have experienced, one that promises to be fresh and memorable.   

To start the New Year, on January 20, 2015, television journalist, author and CNN anchor Anderson Cooper will be with us. On his nightly show Anderson Cooper 360, he goes beyond the headlines, keeping politicians and policy-makers honest with his in-depth reporting and investigations.   Well-traveled and always on the scene of the ever changing  hotbeds of world events, this will be a fascinating and informative evening. 

On March 3, 2015 we welcome long distance swimmer Diana Nyad.  Back in the ‘70s, Ms. Nyad was the greatest long-distance swimmer in the world, setting world records for circling Manhattan Island and crossing the 102 miles between the Bahamas and Florida. Last year, at the age of 64, she finally fulfilled her life-long dream of swimming from Cuba to Florida.  Her message to never give up, that you’re never too old to chase your dreams and on the importance of teamwork is an inspiration to both young and old. 

The season will end on April 7, 2015, with political and cultural commentator David Brooks.  A New York Times columnist and a regular analyst on PBS’ NewsHour and NPR’s All Things Considered, Mr. Brooks has a gift for bringing audiences face-to-face with the spirit of our times with humor, insight and quiet passion.  His books and social commentary resonate for its thoughtfulness and understanding and will provide a satisfying and fitting end to the season.

Because of the fine quality of these speakers and your support, we expect the series to sell out—without increasing your ticket prices.  Now is the time to renew or subscribe to the Series!


Thursday, December 12, 2013

Share the Vision has its own blog!

Check it out through the link below: 
And if you are not familiar with our Share the Vision program information is listed below.

The Sacramento Speakers Series is a community lecture series that provides an open forum for a free discussion of timely and important issues by nationally acclaimed speakers and patrons of the Series.  It has been described as “an extraordinary community experience that gives our patrons an opportunity to hear about and question renowned and influential people from a wide variety of backgrounds on an even wider variety of topics.” The speakers are chosen on the basis of their career achievements, unique expertise in their particular field of endeavor, and ability to communicate their particular passion to the audience.   

            Through its “Share the Vision” program, the Sacramento Speakers Series provides high school students with an opportunity to learn about interesting and successful public figures, and to meet in a small group with the speaker before the event, followed by complimentary admission to the evening’s event at the Community Center.

            Three amazing speakers will meet and talk with students in Share the Vision:  

·         MICHAEL MULLEN, Tuesday , 1/7/14: chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff under Bush and Obama     
·         ANDREW WEIL, Tuesday,  1/21/14: pioneer in health, wellness and integrative medicine
·         JUDY SMITH, Tuesday, 2/13/14: crisis management expert, inspiration for the TV show Scandal

Pre-event reception: In a special reception before each event at the Hyatt Regency Sacramento, a small select group of students will gather for light refreshments and meet students from other participating schools and the Speakers Series moderator, then be joined by the evening’s speaker, where they will be able to ask their prepared questions and interact with interesting and successful public figures.  The speaker will spend 15-20 minutes talking to the students and answering questions. The dialog between the students and speaker is unscripted. 

            Main event: At the conclusion of the reception, attendees will proceed next door to the Sacramento Community Theater for the evening’s event featuring the speaker. Students should dress business casual for this event.

 To participate in this program please contact 916-388-1100 or

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Sac High students meet Steve Wozniak

Left to Right: Aryanna Lewis, Eli Nolasco, Steve Wozniak, Derrick Ingraham, Alicia Alves, Ashley Benitez, Tiara Stewart
Left to Right: Aryanna Lewis, Eli Nolasco, Steve Wozniak, Derrick Ingraham,
Alicia Alves, Ashley Benitez, Tiara Stewart

On October 1st, five fortunate Sac High students and I were given the opportunity of a lifetime. We had a chance to meet Steve Wozniak at the Hyatt Hotel in downtown Sacramento . Steve Wozniak gained his fame as the co-founder of Apple Computers along with Steve Jobs. He was the engineer behind the very first Apple personal computers ever created and many computers today still make use of the the techniques and architecture he invented.
Listening to Mr. Wozniak speak about his younger years made me realize that I could relate to his story. Since an early age, I have been interested in electronics and engineering.
Thanks to the Share the Vision program, we met with him at the Hyatt Hotel in a small gathering area with students from other high schools. Mr Wozniak took our questions and he spoke briefly about being a young inventor and being a founder of a company that eventually became so important. After that small gathering, we all walked to the Sacramento Communiy Center Theater where he spoke in front of hundreds of people.
Going to see Steve Wozniak talk about Apple and how everything started was an amazing opportunity for me. Learning about all the things he experienced and how many times he failed, felt intimidated, or how many times he was rejected, made me realize that no one just shoots to the top. It takes perseverance and hard work to get there. He discussed how he and Steve Jobs started, how they met, how their first meetings went, and all the struggles they went through. Listening to Mr. Wozniak speak about his younger years made me realize that I could relate to his story. Since an early age, I have been interested in electronics and engineering. Just like Steve Wozniak I want to be able to get to a point where I can also look back and talk about how I’ve changed technology forever, and how hard I worked to get there. He was definitely an inspiration.
- Ashley Benitez
Sac High Junior