Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Richard Roeper Review

Our fourth engagement, although not our most popular speaker, made for an enjoyable light-hearted evening. A majority of patrons seemed to think that Richard Roeper wasn’t on the same level as our other speakers this season and although I tend to agree, I’m not sure who could have filled the slot following Dr. Rice and not fallen flat by comparison. I appreciated where Mr. Roeper was coming from; he didn’t take himself too seriously and he definitely had me laughing through the whole day (even before the engagement).

The following illustrates how patrons felt about the Richard Roeper engagement:

Lecture: 3.2
Q&A: 3.8
Moderator: 4.1
Lighting: 4.1
Acoustics: 3.7
Overall: 3.4

53% of audience polled felt the engagement was "money well spent".
51% of audience polled felt the night met their expectations.

Comments from our patrons:

“Mr. Roeper must have an IQ above 180 with broad interests and obviously high energy. His humor and varied background helped to make him a lively and informative speaker. I agree with his criteria for a good movie and enjoyed his quick wit and sometimes "smart ass" comments. Delightful.”

“He has a great sense of humor and I enjoyed that - though his presentation was a bit weak. Enjoyable but not memorable.”

“Although not a topic in which I was particularly interested, it is good to hear speakers from a variety of areas. Mr. Roeper was amusing and certainly knowledgeable about his profession.”