Thursday, February 10, 2011

Tom Brokaw Shines

There is a working theory inside the "Lecture Series" industry in "booking" a season line-up that generally holds true: book the big names to attract new customers and book "high content" speakers to renew subscribers. Based on the patron feedback from our Tom Brokaw engagement, our season "anchor" seemed to prove the theory wrong!!

It is extremely refreshing to see a BIG name come to Sacramento and over deliver and leave patrons with a rich and overly positive experience.

Very little to add to the patron remarks (below). Mr. Brokaw was a true class act; very engaging, interested, and willing to make the evening special for all involved.

At any rate, below details how the collective voice of the patrons judged the engagement, followed by some quotes from individual attendees; all judged on a scale of 1 to 5 (5 being the best / 1 being the worst)

Overall Engagement 4.8 (highest of season)

Lecture 4.8 (highest of the season)

Q&A 4.6 (highest of the season)

Lighting 4.3 (highest of season)

Acoustics 4.5 (highest of the season)

98% suggested it was "money well spent" (highest of the season)

97% suggested the engagement met their expectations (highest of the season)

"Best one EVER!!!!!!!!! worth the whole speaker series just to see him. BRILLIANT man, great poise and grace. GREAT ability to speak in an easy listening tone. And the scope and variety of topics that he talked about was amazing.He is HOPEFUL and POSITIVE even after all he has seen in his life. Made me want him for MY friend,VERY inspiring.FABULOUS."

"We thought Tom had such interesting stories, I would have wanted to listen to him for hours. He is a true gentleman. He did not speak for the left or the right which I liked. Journalists should remain neutral and not lean or favor right or left."

"Superb speaker, statesman-like. Mr. Brokaw obviously understands his unique place at the intersection of reporter and celebrity."

"I found parts of Mr. Brokaw's lecture and Q&A lacking. The media is so entrenched in the system, they don't see the forest for the trees. Journalists need to take more responsibility for the tremendous power or persuasion they possess. They need to challenge lies and demand direct answers, not talking points."

"I was struck by the way Mr. Brokaw led us in laughter and then suddenly brought us to listen and look at ourselves, our country, and the way our future will depend on the way we treat each other. I especially was struck by his ending hope that we will live up to our children's and grandchildren's expectations. Thank you for bringing him to us."