Monday, October 14, 2013

Steve Wozniak at the Podium

Last week we welcomed Steve Wozniak to open the Sacramento Speakers Series 2013-2014 season. Not being a computer geek myself I didn’t know quite what to expect, but the evening exceeded my expectations, and apparently most of you agreed.   

Before the event I was able to sit in with high school students invited to Share the Vision in a small group reception with Mr. Wozniak. Being a bit more computer savvy than me, the students had good questions for Woz, and his love for kids and teaching came through in that intimate setting.

Then, I got to spend time with Wozniak in the green room before he took the stage. He is very down to earth and does not take himself too seriously. When he signed my book he misspelled the name, crossed it out, then wrote it correctly with ‘syntax error’ above the message!

As for the lecture itself, the words that come to my mind and that we heard over and over again in patron feedback are passionate, enthusiastic, engaging, dynamic- even for those of us who couldn’t follow the technical talk. Many patrons would’ve like to let Wozniak go on for hours, as it seemed he was just getting into the good stuff when time ran out.   

As for patron feedback:

80% felt the night met their expectations.

98% would recommend the Sacramento Speakers Series to a friend.

Comments from our patrons:

“Spellbinding speaker with a rich inventory of tales of Silicon Valley. He comes across as REAL!”

"He was great because he was unpolished"

"Wished he could've gone on longer"

"Smart and funny"

“Enthusiastic speaker! It was great to see someone who so truly loved his "inventive" life!

“He was like a kid, telling everyone what he had discovered, for the first time. Great!”

“I admit I didn't understand some of his technical talk, but his enthusiasm and energy were contagious, and I could have listened even longer. We are not all old, and do not have to be vertical by 10!”

"Technical part was over my head but I didn't care"

"A celebration of one's inner geek"

"His enthusiasm and energy were contagious"

"Fascinating to hear the details behind the invention of the personal computer and his role in it"

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