Friday, April 5, 2013

A Message from the Managing Principal: "Big Names are Coming"



Dear Subscriber,                          
I’m happy to announce that the 2013-2014 lineup is in place.    As I’ve said before, the process of putting together a series of distinguished speakers is like trying to fit puzzle pieces together as we choose from among the most exciting BIG NAMES with our subscribers in mind.   We are now considered one of the top Series in the country, and I am thrilled to announce that once again we have assembled a diverse group of fascinating individuals that will make another great season. 

As a subscriber, you know that the new season reflects the expressed interests of our patrons.  Our lineup this year includes interesting and influential speakers on a wide range of topical issues: the uses and abuses of modern technology;  the protection of the environment; the role of the military in today’s world; integrative medicine; managing crises in the age of the perpetual 24/7 news cycle; and the simple enjoyment of delicious food. The season kicks off on October 1, 2013 with Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, the legendary creative genius who dropped out of college to invent the personal computer, an invention that, for better or worse, has changed all of our lives.  Woz will share with us his passion for bringing “hands on” learning and a focus on creativity to schools, and for protecting free speech, privacy and innovation in the digital age. 

Next up, on November 12, 2013, we are privileged to host former vice-president and current climate change advocate Al Gore.  After a long and fruitful political career in Washington, Gore turned his considerable energy and talents to protecting the environment.  His film An Inconvenient Truth garnered an Oscar and a Nobel Peace Prize.  He now spends most of his time working with The Climate Reality Project, the non-profit company he founded, devoted to removing the doubt about climate change and encouraging people to demand solutions to the climate crisis.      

To start the New Year, on January 7, 2014, Admiral Mike Mullen, former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, will join us.  Having commanded three ships and served in Navy leadership positions ashore, Admiral Mullen served as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs under two Presidents, Bush and Obama, from 2007 to 2011, and is familiar with the wars in Afghanistan and in Iraq.  While serving, he expressed his support for ending Clinton’s policy of “don’t ask don’t tell,” and he is outspoken about the importance of diplomacy and economics to national security.

 On January 21, 2014, Dr. Andrew Weil, a pioneer in the fields of health, wellness, and integrative medicine, will be with us.  Weil is founder, professor and director of the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona.  His best-selling books, website, newsletters, PBS specials, and frequent appearances on Today and The Dr. Oz Show have inspired people to lead healthier and happier lives.

 Next, on February 18, 2014, Judy Smith will bring her unique combination of communication skills, media savvy, and legal and political acumen to Sacramento.  Smith honed her skills through first-hand experience as an Assistant U.S. Attorney in Washington D.C. and as Deputy Press Secretary to President George H. W. Bush.  Best known for her crisis management advice to a host of high profile clients, Smith’s resume helped inspire the prime-time hit drama, Scandal.    

The season will end on April 1, 2014, with every cook’s favorite: Ina Garten, the Barefoot Contessa!  Ina is a self-taught cook who, while working as an analyst in the White House, decided she needed to do something more creative—and went from gourmet food store owner/operator to best-selling cookbook author to her own Food Network tv show—and now brings her talent of creating delicious food with style to our community in Sacramento.      Because of the fine quality and variety of these speakers, we again expect the series to sell out quickly. As a current subscriber YOU have the first opportunity to join us next season, before subscriptions go on sale to the public! Renew by May 10, 2013, and you:·         

Keep the same seats next season--or be the first in line for upgrading or changing your seat;
·         Enjoy payment options: pay in full or by payment plan;
·         Can win an opportunity to meet one of our BIG NAMES.

We hope you’ll act by May 10 to take advantage of the subscriber renewal opportunity.  I look forward to seeing you at the Speakers Series.


Mitchell S. Ostwald
Managing Principal

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